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About Us

Eray Kids; It was established in 2011 to serve in the children's clothing industry. Although the main production of children's clothing specialized in girl dresses. Eray Kids; the needs of customers at a time and a goal to be correct and has been organized in this direction. Man, machine, and information technology investments and is working with its customers to maintain full-time and full-service basis, it aims to continue the work with future investments.

Our mission

According to customer quality expectations produced clothing needs is our duty to do so optimal cost of shipping at the requested time in girl dresses group. To fulfill our responsibilities to the environment during all these activities and society, our customers are among our employees and to respond to the expectations of our sub-industry task.

Our vision

In parallel with the development of market and sector Erayda of Kids brand in the market to ensure a preferred brand with the participation of all employees and stakeholders; -Enhance production skills

- Invest in new technologies

-To strengthen the quality approach

-To continue our sense of environmental awareness

Our target.

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